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Boosting Immunity

Khalid Noor Aldeen is a Naturopath and has a 'Master of Herbal Medicine (USA)', 'Adv. Dip. of Nutrition', an 'Adv. Dip. of Naturopathy' and an 'Adv. Dip. of Western Herbal Medicine', is a current member of 'Complimentary Medicine Association (CMA) Australia' and 'American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) USA' and has many years of experience diagnosing and treating Immunity Problems in both Children and Adults.

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Boosting Immunity in Children and Adults

Boosting Immunity Naturally

Not only in the middle of winter when flu is a huge concern across the country, both adults and children need to maintain a healthy immune system all year round. Normally concern builds in parents during the colder seasons as their children are exposed to more types of bacteria and viruses when they attend school. Here I would like to review what you can do to keep yourself, your children, and loved ones healthy and show you ways how you can naturally boost your immune system.

Boosting Immunity in Children

Throughout the year and specially during the colder seasons, children should be playing outside in fresh air and sunshine. When they go back to school, they are indoors throughout the day, around lots of other children and are more easily exposed to viruses and bacteria. Here are a few simple ways to help you and your child stay healthy throughout the school year.

Common sense in boosting your Immunity Naurally

Advice Explanation
Hand Washing Ensure that your hands are clean after using the restroom and teach your children to also wash their hands after playing outdoors in the dirt, after playing with pets and before eating. Germs on the hands can be carried into the body through the mouth and nose. If the immune system is weak, you or your child may become ill.
Clean Clothes Everyone but especially children should bathe and wear clean clothes daily. Our bodies and our clothes do carry bacteria.
Healthy Snacks When eating snacks during the day choose healthy snacks that will boost the immune system, such as raw fruits and vegetables that have been washed in clean water, a trail mix of raw nuts and raisins, raw almonds, or almond butter on celery sticks or whole grain crackers. Include these in your childrens lunch boxes when they attend school.
Healthy Meals Eat healthy meals prepared at home and give healthy lunches to your children to take to school. Lunches could include a thermos of vegetable soup and some whole grain crackers, or a sandwich made from whole grain bread with healthy mayonnaise, romaine lettuce, tomato slices, turkey, chicken, or tuna. Send along some carrot strips, raw broccoli, celery sticks, and raw cauliflower with the sandwich. Another great lunch would be a healthy salad made with romaine lettuce, lots of veggies, and a chopped boiled egg (fertile, organic are recommended). Sprinkle some raw sunflower seeds on the salad.
Breast Feeding Babies should be nursing and moms should make sure their imune system is strong. Breast milk is fortified with immune boosters, especially if the mother is looking after her health and taking our advise and recommended supplements.
Organic Whole Foods We recommend organic whole foods that nourish the body and immune system on a very deep level. Sun Chlorella, Hawaiian Spirulina, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, and Beet nourish the entire body especially the liver and blood. These are super foods that provide energy and help the mind to think more clearly. Spirulina contains DHA, a special oil that nourishes the brain. Also Parsley, which supports the urinary tract system. Acerola, Rose Hips, and Orange Peel are an excellent absorbable form of vitamin C and bioflavonoids – powerful immune boosters! And finally, we recomend Dulse. Dulse is naturally high in minerals and iodine that supports the thyroid and thymus glands. These master glands work together in harmony to assist metabolism and immunity.
Our Every Day Detox Tonic Most healthy people do not lack vitamins and therefore daily multi-vitamins are not recommended, because it creates extra work for the liver and kidney to eliminate the excess waste. Though we may not realise it we cannot avoid contact with toxins every day through our environment; in our food, water, air and absorbed into our skin. Our Every Day Detox Tonic is a gentle long term detox that needs to be taken every day. Its herbal formulation is founded on the naturopathic principal that states "detoxification and elimination of contamination are the first steps to improved health".

Remedies That Help During Times of Illness

Advice Explanation
Vitamin C Most healthy people do not lack vitamins but they may be beneficial during times of illness. It helps to protect the body from colds, flu, and even stomach viruses and may help to prevent allergies.
Vitamin D-3 During most of the year, you receive lots of natural sunlight that provides vitamin D-3. We recommend that you include vitamin D-3 during the winter in order to boosts your immunity naturally.
Calcium & Zinc Cells need minerals in order to kick out toxins. Specially growing children need minerals in order to grow strong bones and teeth. These are very easily absorbed. We recommend Calcium plus trace minerals with Zinc at night. The best throat lozenges are zinc lozenges as Zinc really fights bacteria.
Pro-biotics Pro-biotics are friendly bacteria that are most important to keep the immune system strong. They have powerful immune builders, prevents stomach aches, helps digestion, and improves bowel movement. We recommend goat milk for children and babies.
Echinacea 1/2 dropper of Echinacea in water or juice, 3x during the day.
Preolac 1 capsule broken open, 3x per day in water, applesauce or juice. Or mix 1 capsule of Preolac and 1 teaspoon of plain Chlorophyll in warm water and place in a syringe, insert rectally. (This will pull out infection and mucus and help to break a fever)
Peppermint Oil Mix Peppermint Oil with Olive or Safflower oil and rub on chest and feet. This will open up lung passage ways and allow mucus to come out. Peppermint Oil can be used just under the nose to open up the breathing passages. Put in vaporizer to keep your child breathing well through the night.
Elderberry Elderberry liquid and Elderberry cough syrup are excellent for healing pneumonia and lung congestion.
Mullein Tea or Oil Mullein Tea pulls mucus out of the lungs and strengthens them. (Tip: it can be added to some other type of drink or to soups and they'll never know it's there). A mixture of Garlic and Mullein Oil can also be used as eardrops and has been a great help for decades in fighting ear infections. One to two drops may be inserted in each ear.
Apple Cider or Lemon Raw Apple Cider Vinegar or fresh squeezed Lemon in warm water with raw organic honey pulls mucus out and kills germs. 1 TBS of raw Apple Cider Vinegar in water can be gargled to get rid of a sore throat.
Peroxide Pour a tablespoon of regular peroxide in a 6 oz. spray bottle and fill with purified water. Spray the atmosphere when anyone comes home who has been around illness.
Colloidal Silver For sinus congestion, mix 1/2 dropper of Colloidal Silver with 2 oz. warm water and a pinch of sea salt and put in a dropper bottle. Makes great nose drops.

Remember to have fun! Think STRONG, live STRONG and teach this to your children by word and example. Positive words spoken to children or to others helps to strengthen immunity. Praising and loving words are very powerful. (Studies have shown that people feel weak and are truly weakened when criticised)

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